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Traverse City, Michigan Landlord Dwelling Insurance

Traverse City, Michigan Landlord Dwelling Insurance

Landlord or Dwelling Insurance covers those property owners that rent out one or more of their properties including homes, apartments, or condos.  A landlord needs to have protection from any loss that may occur to their rental property like fire or severe weather.  You can also get the insurance that will help cover the loss of income since your property can’t be rented due to a loss.

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Landlord Insurance Coverage options in Traverse City, Michigan

There are certain types of landlord rental coverages that you may choose to add to your policy, including:

  • Property – this will cover your property if you have a loss due to fire, damage, or vandalism.
  • Income – this will help to compensate you for any lost income that may occur from a covered loss.  This coverage will reimburse lost income that you would have received if you had been collecting rent.
  • Liability – this will protect you from liability losses like a claim or lawsuit.  You want to be protected if there is an injured person on your property.  Liability insurance will help cover these costs like medical payments, legal fees, or claims by the tenant.
  • Options – there are other options you may want to add with your insurance agent like rent guarantee, disaster, employer liability, or content insurance.

Landlord Insurance can protect you from any financial loss that may occur to your rental property from accidents, injuries, or lawsuits.  Since landlord insurance is very cost-effective, it is always a good idea to be protected in case of a loss.

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